February 3rd, 2012

Gay Bearrorist

The 10 Most Important Gay Moments In Comic Book History

Over at ranker.com, Eric Diaz has listed The 10 Most Important Gay Moments in Comic Book History.

I think what's interesting is that if you look at the list in a timeline, you'll see the stereotypes start to fade away over time. Sure, a lot of the early attempts to portray gay characters had to resort to extreme stereotypes (am I the only one that found Rawhide Kid funny?) or "after school special" type episodes. I'm actually more bothered by the latter. It's as if authors were saying "Okay. We have to stop the fun and talk about something terribly serious: Homosexuality.

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sources:  GeeksOUT & Ranker

If you're not reading Batwoman and haven't read Gotham Central, you should do your best to rectify that immediately.