August 25th, 2012


Rob Liefeld Doesn't Know How To Shut Up (Or Draw)

...And Scott Snyder Fires Back!

After Rob Liefeld's very public break-up with DC Comics this week the meltdown continues as the creator of Deadpool conducted a battle of words via Twitter with Swamp Thing and Batman comic book writer, Scott Snyder.

Earlier this week Liefeld announced via Twitter that he was leaving DC Comics. The 2012 September zero issues for all three of titles; “Deathstroke”, “Grifter” and “Savage Hawkman” would be his last for the company

“Reasons are the same as everyone’s that you hear. I lasted a few months longer than I thought possible… Massive indecision, last minute and I mean LAST minute changes that alter everything. Editor pissing contests"

He then wrote a much more detailed account of the issues that he faced while working at DC Comics (detailed in this post). But wait, there's more! The train wreck just keeps chugging along as Scott Snyder contacted Liefeld via private messages on Twitter, and then the two took the battle public.

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Good luck finding work, Rob!