scottfreein4_d (scottfreein4_d) wrote,

Julie Brown Take On Victoria Jackson's Crazy Ass

Victoria Jackson's notorious anti-gay views are usually no laughing matter, but one veteran comedian is offering up a hilarious spoof that skewers the former "Saturday Night Live" cast member's homophobic rants.

Julie Brown, who starred in MTV's "Just Say Julie," casts herself as the Tea Party "spokesmodel" in this quasi-musical clip, in which she sings a prayer to the parents of gay children while urging viewers to vote for Mitt Romney.

Fans who recall Brown's hysterical 1992 Madonna spoof, "Medusa: Dare To Be Truthful," will note the Material Girl also gets a wink from the star yet again in the new clip.


She was working the phones for Obama the other day; flawless lady.

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